Navigating adopted fire codes, including local amendments and ordinances, can be a daunting task for a project team or private individual. 

In every project, accurate interpretation of the governing fire codes is critical, and our engineers are available throughout to participate in design meetings, perform site visits, provide plan reviews and documentation, and meet with building and fire code officials on your behalf. 

TFC engineers possess decades of experience in:

  • Identifying occupancy and commodity classification
  • Determining fire-flow and water supply design requirements
  • Determination of allowable hazardous inventory quantities
  • Calculating explosion venting requirements
  • Evaluating hazardous area requirements for classified electrical equipment
  • Evaluating product applicability based on nationally recognized testing results
  • Providing fire detection and suppression systems design criteria to address occupancy, industrial process, and commodity hazards
  • Conducting site fire hydrant flow test and analyses
  • Determining fire department vehicle site access